Cameron Boyle

User focused digital design

State Revenue Office

Victorian State Revenue Office
UX Design

Working with the team at Web Place I was asked to help create a clear UX direction for the new State Revenue Office (SRO) site.

This involved defining the problems that currently existed and finding solutions that would be applied to their next site.

We created channels to help guide the user to sections of the site where *most used tasks* are presented. These *most used tasks* are data driven and can be rapidly changed dependant on need. This process helps the vast majority of users easily access what they need.

“The SRO had a fixed direction on the IA and wireframes and Cam was instrumental in working with our Senior Strategist in providing an alternative approach that provided a much more efficient method of content delivery. Cam not only showed that he had the technical production skills to lay the wireframes out, but also an ability communicate with the client to relay the best options to meet the top user tasks.”

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